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It's perfect. Or at least in Samantha's mind, it is something near to that. Three years since Charles took a break from acting, they are living a peaceful and normal life. They live like a normal couple,staying at each other,s place, going on dates, being cuddly and clingy to each other. Everything's going well and Sam cannot be any happier.
But what if Charles's old life comes knocking on their doorstep once again? Are they ready for the life they are trying so hard to avoid? Can their love be once again, bigger than whatever new obstacle life throws at them this time around?
Yours Forever, is the sequel and conclusion to Anne Marla,s debut novella, Hey Stranger. Follow Sam and Charles,s love story and see if indeed love conquers all. Get ready for a rollercoaster ride of emotions and see for yourself if Sam and Charles's fairytale love story is fit for a happy ever after, after all.

Yours Forever

₱408.00 Regular Price
₱399.84Sale Price
  • Anne Marla
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