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Printing & Delivery Solutions

What do we offer?

Integrated with the best quality digital printing, we offer one of the most cost-effective printing rates in the world. These rates have been arrived at after having compared the printing solutions with more than two hundred global service providers.

How to place an order?

1. Take a note of the four main parameters of your books: No. of pages, Size, Coloured or BW, Quantity (Qnty)

2. Place your configuration on the grid below and calculate the price. The rates given are per page.

Price = [ No. of Pages x Rate per Page (BW/Colour as applicable) + Cover Charge (if applicable for < 200 pages) ] x Qnty


Example: 100 Copies of 201 pages BW book with size 6x9 will cost: [201x0.56 + 68.29] = 180.85PHP only per cop only.

3. Place your order by emailing us at with a complete delivery address

4. Make payment based on the lowest economy shipping rates we provide and we'll deliver the copies to your location

What's in for distributors?

distributor (1).png


We encourage passionate entrepreneurs who wish to start out on their own, leverage our rich content and world's best rated printing solutions to make a mark of their own as distributors in their countries or geographies.

The printing rates provided below can easily be used with multiplied profit margins and reap the entire profits. Kindly write to us for license, and any further queries at

Are the rates applicable to all countries & how to calculate final rate? 

To provide the best rates we aim to provide the least cost of printing+shipping. These printing rates are applicable to all countries other than deliveries within Singapore, Malaysia, India and Nigeria where we have our printing facility centres to source books locally thus have much low domestic shipping cost.

Who are the shipping carriers?

Our carriers comprise FEDEx, DHL, UPS, Aramex, Singpost, Philpost, India Post whichever is the most optimum at any given point in time.

Write to us for orders more than 300 copies.

Rates per printed page (All in Pesos incl. of all taxes)

Black and White Inners

Size (wxh inches)
Qnty (10 to 30)
Qnty (31 to 100)
Qnty (101 & Above)
8x11 (inches)
Upto 6x9 (inches)

Coloured Inners

Size (wxh inches)
Qnty (10 to 30)
Qnty (31 to 100)
Qnty (101 & Above)
8x11 (inches)
Upto 6x9 (inches)

Add Cover (for books less than 200 pages):

10 to 30 Copies - 15.32 PHP per copy

31 to 100 Copies - 12.46PHP per copy

101 Copies and above - 8.34PHP per copy

No cover charges for books with more than 200 pages

Hardcase Cover charge:

10 to 30 Copies - 80.34 PHP per copy

31 to 100 Copies - 76.32PHP per copy

101 Copies and above - 68.29PHP per copy

Write to us for orders more than 300 copies for further subsidy.

Paper Quality

Inners - 60 to 80GSM Stora Creamy/White Paper

Cover - 200 to 230GSM Art Card

Other Availabilities

Hardcase Bindings, Premium Glossy Coated Matt for High End Coloured Magazines, Any other Sizes based on availability

Payment Options

1. Gcash/PayMaya/Grab or any other Credit/Debit Card (Mastercard/VISA) via Xendit/Paypal/Stripe

2. Wire Transfer available in USD

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