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Lex Fisher is like a broken character in literature according to Porter, not a whore according to Ethan, what takes his breath away according to Zayn, and his lady in red according to Briar.


But who is Lex Fisher?


She is already lost comprehending a life with emotion and having a love-hate relationship with it.  Yet things only become worse when she is held hostage in a mystery man?s penthouse, who only wants one thing from her.


A purebred he called it, which she is already carrying but must hide as the intentions for this child aren?t positive.  She is however shocked to discover that her one true love is alive.


With mind games, manipulation, magic, much internal conflict, and a past full of love and abandonment that comes back to haunt her, will Lex be able to utilize and notice the strength in herself she fails to see?


Will she see and understand her true self at its core and ensure the world has a bright future ahead?  Or will the world crash before her due to her detesting the confusion of life and love all the more with her mind getting to her, the way she was once created to comprehend situations?

Woman by the Penthouse

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  • Paperback

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