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It started with disappearances. Noelle Rios had only turned eighteen when she fell into Manila Bay and was never again found. When she had awoken, she found herself inside the belly of a mythological creature, and later, in the presence of the old gods plotting about a war that can save their people. Noelle pledges her loyalty and decides to help in the name of Justice, but when she returned to the human world it was barely recognizable to her. Red rose petals are now falling from the sky like rain; self-proclaimed sorcerers, pagans, magikals, babaylan-inspired individuals have sprung from society; a red flood that soaked the nation; huge golden trees with golden leaves have scattered in various areas. Some things, however, have not changed: people disappearing and violence raging, from the countryside to the cities. Noelle is an idealist and wants Justice for the human world. Will she play god and take matters into her own hands? 

When They Return

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  • Paperback
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