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After almost two decades of running away, that most prominent family
of San Sebastian finally decided to step again on the land, bringing
with them the last generation�s sole heiress, Kasie. Dala rin nila sa
pagbabalik ang pag-aasam na maituwid ang tinakasang nakaraan.
What really happened back then?
Fed up with lies and deception of the past, Kasie found herself
helplessly fallen for her newfound friend, Alas Fabian. Alam ni Kasie
na sa tuwing magkakalapit sila ay lalo lamang siyang mahuhulog dito.
She knew she shouldn�t feel that way towards a friend, kaya minabuti
niyang ibaling sa iba ang atensyon.
But can she really force her heart to not frantically beat whenever
Alas is around?
Then a bomb exploded, making her apprehend it�s not their friendship
she should be wary about. It�s something more...a deeper connection.
They then started to play with fate and make the most of their time,
even after knowing that Kasie needs to keep leaving Alas behind.
Because of the never-ending revelations, time for them started
running out. Will they be able to make the most of their time, and
love even when hour turns gold?

When Hour Turns Gold

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