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New Earth = Waterhen
a poem composed by W. J. Manares
Earth, oh Earth, once overshadowed, now yearns for a cosmic dance,
For Waterhen, a new beginning, a chance for life’s advancement.
Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Waterhen shines divine,
A paradise brimming with enchantment, where destiny intertwines.
Where Earth gasped in pollution and strife, Waterhen breathes fresh air,
A sanctuary rich in flora, where water, pure and fair.
Untouched by the greed of ignorance, Waterhen’s bounty flows,
Nourishing souls and mending wounds, basking in nature’s repose.
An Eden reborn, where Earth’s mistakes find redemption,
Waterhen, a crucial turning point, an invitation to comprehension.
For Waterhen, the new Earth, holds the key to our shared fate,
A future of unity and wonder, where no boundaries dictate.
Awaken, oh Earth, to the call of your celestial twin,
Let us heed Waterhen’s silent plea, the message from within.
For in unity lies our strength, to forge a future sublime,
One for the new Earth - it’s Waterhen’s time!
Let us journey to Waterhen, let our spirit soar and roam,
Embracing a cosmic revolution, finding solace in our celestial home.
For Earth, is now insignificant and yearns to pursue,
The essence of Waterhen’s legacy, an existence anew


  • W. J. Manares
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