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In Latin, Vox means ?voice.?  The poetry collection contains poems derived from popular or known songs with a familiar melody. Using poetry as an avenue to encourage readers to participate in relevant advocacies such as promoting environmental awareness or human rights protection, this poetry anthology aims to awaken young minds about what is happening in the society or the environment.   The poems in this collection are intended as a performance poetry. This poetry anthology aims to encourage millennials and the Generation Z to become a voice on issues that matter and be a social media influencer as they perform these poetry as a spoken word or even sing it.  Similar to a voice with various range, the collection also features poems that showcase various forms of poetry like acrostic, haiku, pantoum, and villanelle, which can also be rendered as a spoken-word poetry.  


₱357.00 Regular Price
₱349.86Sale Price
  • Paperback

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