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?Your love will be my cure. But my love will be your curse.? The eighteen-year-old Gracie Kim, the sole heiress of The Kim conglomerate, meets a five-hundred-year-old vampire, Rylan Tanner while studying in The United States. They think their relationship is developing way too fast, starting from strangers to significant others. However, there is one oblivious fact. They are not strangers. Although their relationship triggers many dangers, both refuse to leave each other?s side and promise to use the power of their love to overcome anything that tries to come between them, even if it is death itself. However, what happens when Marcus, Rylan?s sworn enemy, and Gracie?s soulmate appears? Who will Gracie choose? What will be the end of the love story between two powerful vampires and a human? 

Vampire's Mate

SKU: APR29001
₱816.00 Regular Price
₱799.68Sale Price
  • Paperback

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