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TUNNELS deconstructs the individual's Romantic fascination with 'love' or the grammaticality of beauty. Ideally, the 'tunnels' in the collection are subterranean love poems from the suburban imaginary. These seemingly syntactic tunnels travel through one's literary imagination or heterotopic dreamscapes, and while ___'_ (Greek for 'love') inspires these rhizomic tunnels to navigate the abysmal 'meta-spectacle' of gesture, language or moment of poemness, the mind like the many-colored jeepneys of Manila, where driving past roast goose restaurants in Shek Kip Mei or spotting stilt houses in Kampong Kleang, attempt to explore the transgeneric textualities of the everyday, alongside the unstructurality of time and space, the littoral and the liminal.


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  • Paperback
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