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Tula ni Nene is a poetry collection written by Ancel Mondia. The poems included in the book present various interesting themes and different realistic lessons. The poems compiled can be considered the expression of opposite feelings and diverse thoughts occurring in worldly circumstances. They are openly about love, ambition, self, and society; in short, life in general. They tackle the pains and gains of being a human being. The poems found in the book offer enlightening advices and beneficial suggestions in living one�s own existence in the multifaceted world. They mirror the unique and genuine truths that live in every human spirit. They breathe wisdom that human minds and hearts can mysteriously comprehend and profoundly experience. The figurative language is creatively utilized in the composition of every poem which is dominantly created in rhymes. The poems can be literally or creatively interpreted as they deeply connect to human experiences. The poetess aims to make an impact on readers so she combines both poetic and conversational tones in her literary pieces. She believes that by adapting to the tastes and preferences of the modern era, she can disturb the common feelings and shared thoughts of individuals.

Tula ni Nene

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  • Ancel Mondia
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