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The world is too busy, crowded and noisy. People are pressed by burdens and challenges day by day. We face mountains, storms and battles that are beyond our control and capacity. Past mistakes haunt, present tasks overwhelm, and the future scares us. As we trudge the uncertainties of life, we ask why, how, when and where. We endure chasing for answers, but no place and person can fill the empty spaces in our wondering hearts. The content of this book birthed from her daily quiet time with the Lord every three in the morning. Beautiful moments of solitude prepared her heart and mind for the multitude. She shared her struggles and encounters both in mundane and spectacular seasons of her life. She shared how her time with the Lord defined her identity and purpose; and changed her concept of death, life, strength, hope, faith, joy and love. Three in the morning reaches out to people who are searching for direction and solution to their implicit confusion and questions. Wisdom and peace are found in a position of rest. Clarity is found in an atmosphere of tranquility. Her stories will inspire you to make God your first and last resort as you experience different emotions and go through different seasons. Keep a firm grip of this book and see your friendship with the Lord can change your life.

Three in the Morning

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  • Paperback
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