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"Lianne has Chinese blood. She is destined to marry a man she doesn’t like or even love at all. She is confused if the wedding is for her even though she doesn’t love the person she is going to marry. Until her engagement party came, Lianne and Dylan were reunited, the only man she hated, cause for her to chose the one for her. For the happiness of her heart. 
But as she escapes her engagement to Risen, Lianne doesn’t expect to be stranded in the car of her mortal enemy, Dylan Monteros.
This time will Lianne be able to escape her engagement party with Risen? 
Will she be able to choose the one for her? For the happiness of her heart? 
Will Dylan help her choose the one for her? Or he will deprive her?"

This One's For Me

SKU: 9789356455344
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