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Love is like a puzzle with the right pieces to match it. Let�s not force the pieces to fit. It may fit if we cut or add the piece but the generated puzzle will look ugly if it is forced to put another part of cut piece. In love, let us not insist on things that are impossible because the outcome will not be good. And if you keep on building puzzles that don�t match you won�t be able to build and see the beautiful picture. If you stay in a dream you can�t move forward, you have to move in reality, if you keep trying to build the puzzle pieces that don�t match you will not be able to move forward you wont see the good events that are in store for you.

The Wisdom Tooth

SKU: 9789354909702
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₱349.86Sale Price
  • Avery Hazael
  • a. Items are non refundable and cannot be cancelled once order is placed.
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