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ISA agent Yael Lavie has seen more than enough death and suffering throughout
her industrious career. But after losing her husband in a bomb attack, her work takes
on a much deeper, personal meaning. When she is called to investigate a series of
cybersecurity attacks that leave the government exposed, Yael�s instincts immediately
take over. Everything leads her back to one man � The Assyrian.
The Assyrian is a shadow, moving from one place to another, wreaking havoc and
political turmoil in his wake, with one clear goal - the destruction of the old order in
the violent and corrupt Middle East, and the creation of a new areal order.
Yael and her team must work with both friends and foes to bring him and his
army of sympathizers to justice before they deliver another concussive blow to the
self-consuming - war-ravaged Middle East. But the closer she gets, the more The
Assyrian seem to slip away, and the more it feels like she�s just a game tool in his big

The Peacekeeper

  • Maor Kohn
  • All items are non returnable and non refundable
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