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Having a bad past always ends your future. Worse yet, your future is filled with problems. Harley Davidson, married to a billionaire who is a monster she didn't know with a past that is chasing her, she is going through a lot. 

 'How many men have used your pussy?' He said and I felt my heart spread shocks over my organs.  Matthew Perry, the youngest billionaire in the world ' His lust for money is more than anything. Nothing will ever stop him from getting what he wants.  

'He was living my life. He stole my mother's love, my money, my everything. And what did I get at the end? Nothing, I was losing my control.' Xavier Knight said, Matthew's brother and the past of Harley.

'I don't remember anything but for one damn sure thing, this is my fault.' Guilt was eating me alive. 

What will happen if Xavier Knight returns? What if he loves her? Will she forgive him and fall for him?   


WARNING NOTE: This book contains smut scene, violence, rape, etc. Read at your own risk. 18+

The Past and our Love

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  • Paperback
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