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A heinous crime was reported that day. Mariane was still shocked and could not believe what happened. She didn't expect the person she respected all her life she trusted and loved the man who did the disappearance of the person she's been longing to see for a long time. Will she be thankful for her being audacious? because of her audacity, she met the one who fill the love which her parents did not grant her. How did the tragedy affect their family and their lives?
 "You don't even care"! Mario often hears them telling him. This is who they thought Mario is. They grew up together but it seems they don't have each other, what secrets do they keep from each other? The story is about multiple types of love oh if it is love, what kind of love does each character in the story have? cruel love owing to greedy love. Love that impels some children longing for the love of their parents. A forbidden love that people know is not allowed and yet they do it. Can we blame them even though we know they have their reasons or does it make sense? Regret is always the last thing and this is exactly what Ryan was going through at that time. But can his repentance take back all his sins, he ruined the lives of his children, particularly his son Marlon because he loves his father he forgot his own needs and even his dreams but all his support for his father was a waste? With everything that happened, they are now FACING THE PAIN OF REALITY.

The Hidden Catastrophe

SKU: 9789357148917
  • Dorothy Abasola
  • All items are non returnable and non refundable
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