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Hazel is the Nightcrawler, a mafia boss�s daughter, and a member of the Low Society. Slate, on the other hand, is the Black Knight, a duke�s son, and a noble from the High Society. They were enemies, but without their masks, they are drawn to each other.   After finding out the person behind each other�s masks, Slate and Hazel are forced to try and end each other�s lives. But it all changed after Hazel accidentally hears his father�s true plans. A sinister, evil plot that threatens to bring darkness in their world forever.  With their interests aligned and their identities revealed, Slate and Hazel must set their differences aside and form an alliance. An alliance that would make them question everything they believe in. An alliance that will force them take on their worst nightmares.

The Eye of Light and Dark

SKU: NV171106N
₱816.00 Regular Price
₱799.68Sale Price
  • Bea Nicole Aguilan
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