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The creatures of dark have returned, swallowing every single ray of light, destroying  the peace and unity among the five continents. A war broke, and the Dark Emperor sat on the throne. 
Victoria�s life was away from this chaos. She was nothing but an abandoned lady of the castle until a masked Lord showed up, changing her life forever. New hope erased her darkness, giving her the strength to survive, bringing warmth to her heart and motivating her to fight against the Dragon Emperor. Little did she know, fate had decided otherwise. 
�Looking for a name, my lady?� His lips curved into a smile. 
�A title, perhaps,� I replied.
�The unwanted attention from the king, then that little encounter with the Queen, followed by your cousin�s gift,� his eyes moved towards my stained gown. Taking the dagger from my hand, he leaned over my face. His height was towering mine. 
�Quite an interesting day, isn�t it?� He muttered.
He had observed me throughout the ball. My heart skipped a beat. Was he trustworthy? He saved me twice. Who was he? I knew nothing about this man. Suddenly his expression changed as he requested, �dance with me.�

The Dragon Queen

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