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The Author�s Story is a journey that every writer undertakes to publish their stories. The journey ends in due course, but not without motivation, inspiration, and self-reflection. It�s a kind of pilgrimage that every writer aspires to go on. This book is a walking stick that will help you climb the hills and cross the valleys that you will come across during the challenging path to publishing your book.
In The Author�s Story, we reveal the hygiene factors and to-dos that helped writers all over the world. Discover practical tools to develop writing habits that will help you define your goals and create the masterpiece you desire. Shed limiting beliefs, and doubts that stand in your way. After all, without writers, there will be no stories. Without stories, who are we?
Ignite passion, embrace solitude, bolster knowledge, and adopt patience, dedication, and courage. With your words, you can create worlds and inspire people.

The Author's Story

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