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Eight friends in two cars drive down Clinton Road, performing the 11-Miles Ritual for their new content video to be uploaded to YouTube. The three of them, Emil, Archer, and Fio, are famous YouTubers and vloggers, along with their other friends, Zelle, Raquel, Maia, Phineas, and Maxon. One night, in the month of August, year 2022, at three o'clock in the morning, they traveled more than four hours from Massachusetts to New Jersey. They went to West Milford, Clinton Road.
From the very beginning, they were nervous, afraid of what might happen to them. The first mile seems to be nothing to the friends, but later on, as the mile gets closer and closer, the situation becomes more and more difficult, especially since Archer is the first to break the rules, which he shouldn't have.
What will be the result of their journey in the middle of the road at this time of night? Will they be able to return safely?

The 11 Miles Ritual on Clinton Road At Midnight

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