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This is a collection of my short stories posted in Facebook and Wattpad from August 2020. It tackles not only about the power of fiction to master creativity but as well as its essence to represent life stories which the readers can relate to. I created diversed concepts to show how the human world can elevate even through struggles, loss, pain and failures because I do believe that masters of life came through hardships which build a strong foundation for resiliency. 
These ideas about science, romance, comedy and mystery might be different from the human surface of mind but these resemble a common objective which is to teach life lessons that can contribute a lot in improving one�s mindset. 
I am a firm believer that there�s beauty in adversity. Life is all about creating something that will provide strength for every people to integrate a more harmonious society where everyone are eager to listen, share and implement self-growth from their own stories of life.

That Golden Boy

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