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Why is the right attitude so important for a writer?  The right attitude can make or break a writer. Moreover, the right attitude can take a fair writer to places that a gifted writer with a bad attitude can never go  Having the right and positive attitude will pave the way to a writer�s success in this industry.  Maybe yes, you are a good writer, in terms of writing style and technical stuff, but if you don�t have the right attitude or you treat other people badly, you will not achieve the true success of a writer.  At my nonprofit organization, PenLeague Training and Development Services (aka Penmasters Administration), we teach writers not only the right writing strategies and techniques, but also the right attitude.  We aim to cultivate not only the skills of writers but also their attitude as a writer. Perhaps, this is what I would call �cutting-edge�--- what sets this non-profit writing organization apart from others.  This is the purpose of this book ---- Tara, Sulat Tayo Volume 1. First, to awaken the consciousness of writers like me. Second, so that we can learn tips and tricks about the proper way of writing.  You will learn the basics of writing such as right attitude, overcoming writer�s block, proper time management, free writing and brain dumping plus anxiety and frustration, writing voice, story mountain and elements of a story, different fiction genres, action-dialogue tags and proper usage of words.

Tara, Sulat Tayo Vol 1

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  • Emerald Blake
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