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Laser Santino, heir to the infernal realm, must live up to
the standards set by his father, the Hell King, as his rightful
successor. Possessing unrivaled power, Laser was chosen over
his older brother to bear the mantle, sparking jealousy and
treachery. Unbeknownst to Laser, his brother schemes to
sabotage his ascent and seize the throne for himself.
Descending to the mortal realm, Laser�s mission is twofold: to
understand and manipulate humanity, testing his worthiness
for the throne. However, his arrival heralds unforeseen
change. What will occur when he encounters a human? Can
she quell his savage nature and ensnare it with love? Is love
even a part of a demon�s mission? If so, then Alexa Bliss may
hold the key to his transformation.

Staying With The Wicked

  • Wild Celo
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