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?We?re all going to leave this world one day; I want to leave with an epic story.?  True to her words - resident bad-girl, Zoey Brightwell attracts the attention of newcomer, Zachary Gomer. Vowing to recreate himself to raise himself up on the social hierarchy - Zach is brought back down to Earth as he becomes infatuated with his enigmatic neighbor. Zoey helps Zach realize there is more to life than seeking acceptance, and that each person should be inspired by their own unique individuality. Despite constant warnings, Zach cannot help but be lured in by Zoey?s enigmatic persona. Zach and Zoey find themselves on an emotional rollercoaster - not only a journey of romance, but a journey of self-discovery.

Shooting Star

SKU: MR14002
₱510.00 Regular Price
₱499.80Sale Price
  • Paperback
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