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Self Love: The Way To A Happy Life is a must read personal development and motivational book. Because it reveals the not so secret ways to live a happy, peaceful, and unbother life in spite of this world full of worries, sadness, disappointments, and chaos. 
This book contains different habits and tips on how to love our own selves in order to be truly happy. You will learn from here that self love isn’t just about simply accepting yourself imperfections and flaws, but it also needs the understanding, love and care it deserves. And if you’re gonna ask how, don’t worry because that’s exactly what you gonna learn here. It involves our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. 
Learning and practicing SELF LOVE is POWER. When you master it, you will become strong enough that no one can ever drag you down, no one even the situation can ever hurt your feelings, put pressure in your life, and no one can ever make you feel bad about yourself. You will realize your own value that you will never ever settle for less. And you will have the strength and courage to walk away from the people and things that bothers and ruining your peace. You will be strong enough to deal with challenges you always encounter in life as a human. And like a surfer, you will basically play with the waves of life. You will be able to live your life to the fullest. With productivity, contentment, and genuine happiness. And lastly, you will also learn how to truly love one another as you know how to love yourself.

Self Love

  • Ma. Mica Jose
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