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They�ll want to get wealthy. Hence, they purloin every property of the people.
This tale is about the two lovers, Fyre and Viel. Their job is to steal, to steal... and to steal. Of course, they�ll do that so that they can get rich and fulfill their long cherished dreams. With each day that they are together, it is not just themselves and the amount of money that changes. But, they�re relationship also. Those two weren�t realized that they�ve already develop a deep feelings for each other, but no one wants to say that. Because they are afraid of what might happen when they do that. 
Thus, they prefer to just show their feelings through actions. 
Until the day comes that they never expected and they don�t want to happen. To find each other bound themselves inside the railing.

Secretive Fragrance

SKU: 9789355976161
  • Eunice Anne M. Ronda
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