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Search for Oasis I is a telescope to the world through the eyes of a child who witnessed the dizzying seasons of an unhappy marriage. This first part of the poetry series has three parts. 
The earth begins to crack,
quenching its thirst.
The first part tells the story behind closed doors � beyond what people assumed happened or not. It gives you a glimpse of the waves after waves of surging emotions of extremes. 
Verdant fields cry in agony;
Aqua mourns in loss.
The second part paints the pictures of the emotional and psychological reverberations of parental separations to life�s aspirations, personality development, and perceptions on relationships and life.
The skies weep at what they see;
They cry and cry;
Until oases smile.
The third part allows a sliver of light amongst the greys and blacks. You�ll feel the desire and the budding courage to take a step forward towards spring. 
Through this book, may you feel that you aren�t alone if you�ve been through something similar. May this book help lighten your load. May this book hold your hand as you take the first step forward and smile towards the new sunrise.

Search for Oasis I

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