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Have you ever wondered how cats manage to land on their feet after a fall? Or why you?ll never find two snowflakes in nature that are exactly the same? Or why humans need to sleep in order to survive? If you answered ?yes? to any of those questions, then Science Scramble is certainly the book for you. Actually, even if you answered ?no? to all of them, you?re likely to find something in here that?s weird and wonderful enough to grab your attention. After all, this illustrated book contains more than 200 fun facts, surprising stories, and mythbusters, all related to science. Read about the incredibly tough tardigrade, the fastest-rotating planet, the unique eyes of the Philippine eagle, the animal with the shortest name, and more. Indulge your curiosity and enrich your mind by picking up this collection of amazing tales and spectacular trivia from the world of science. (Just don?t read this before bedtime, because you won?t be able to put this book down!)

Science Scramble

SKU: JL16002
₱408.00 Regular Price
₱399.84Sale Price
  • Paperback

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