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Rob Gibson, a smart boy living in Lost Angeles, California was the center of bullying in school due to his strange skin disease. Added to that was a haunting dream of an unknown place devastated by a giant dragon and a monster snake. A boy and a girl kept asking for his help. With unavoidable fate, he discovered his lightning power while trying to save his brother from gangsters. Together with his best friend Bench, a Filipino foreign exchange student, Rob was destined to search for other teens who, like them, were power-holders. They would form a team needed to stop the force of Oydimon, king of evil, in invading the world. Would their friendship and powers be enough to stop the invasion?

Rob Gibson and the Journey to the Dual World

SKU: 9789355973146
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  • Rovic P. Gutierrez
  • a. Items are non refundable and cannot be cancelled once order is placed.
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