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They say a revolution usually took 365 days, but could it be possible in just eighty? British gentleman Phileas Fogg drove the world crazy with his uncanny wager to circumnavigate the globe in eighty days, at the wake of the infamous robbery done against the Bank of England. His sensational adventure, however, came to a grim end on his part as he became 20,000 pounds poorer after finishing the journey on the 81st day. The slim loss, meanwhile, did not seem to discourage the populace from proving him right. The following year, 1873, was met with a daring public declaration from two ladies and one gentleman to fulfill the monumental task, this time through an even heftier wager that tripled Fogg�s stakes.
The lone gentleman who stepped up was one of Fogg�s few friends remaining in the Reform Club, the similarly eccentric yet relatively unknown Richard Haze. Intent on redeeming his friend�s convictions and taking his own place in history even as his prosperity was placed on the line, Haze decided to acquire the services of a valet who had sufficient experience and knowledge of the other side of the world in order to avoid Fogg�s fate. He found the person in the Filipino migrant worker Juan Ruiz, who beneath his cheerful fa�ade as a valet, and his limited grasp of the English and Spanish languages was a closely held secret � he was the real bank thief.

Revolution: 80 Days

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  • Arius Lauren Raposas
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