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Marcelo Padillo’s Poetry Of Love And Passion is a one-of-a-kind poetry collection in which the subjects reflect the author’s thoughts and experiences during his search for real love until he discovered it (his wife). 
Some of the issues in this book’s poetry also reflect the author’s observations and experiences in his environment as a teacher and concerned citizen.
Because the author utilizes only simple rhyme and words, the poems in this book are easy to understand. 
All readers will be able to relate to some of the poems in this book because everyone will face what the author faced in his life, which led to the creation of this book.
Reading this book will evoke a variety of emotions in you, as each poem expresses a distinct mood. This is the book that will guide and encourage you if you are looking for real love right now. 

Poetry of Love And Passion

  • Marcelo Macalinao Padillo

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