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This ultimate guidebook is for those starting out on their writing careers, for experienced writers who wish to enhance or sharpen their skills and for those looking out for ways to get their work published. The book provides detailed processes and concepts of how and where to begin and meander through the writing processes and gives a complete overview in well defined modular structures on developing fiction or non-fiction and projecting the thoughts on paper.
The final modules speak about �What after writing?� or in other words how to get your work published from submitting to a literary agent to reaching out to publishers and then getting accepted. 
There are reading and writing exercises after each module to work out based on the sections explained in the respective module. Developed and written by industry professionals with thorough research, this book will surely provide value addition to all readers and help them grow in their literary journeys.

Pen your way to get Published

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  • Swetha Prakash, Dr. Lakshmi Priya
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