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�How do I begin? A prologue by definition is �a story before the story�. This book
is not a novel, but it can tell a story. What about you say? What else but the most
powerful emotion there is on the planet? Love.
�Musings of a Restless Heart� is a collection of poems, quotes, and write-ups on
finding love, losing it, moving on, and doing it all over again. Our experiences may
differ in nature, but these writings may elicit the same emotions.
This compilation talks about love and its many facets -- Friendships formed that
caught on fire, quiet understandings, enraged misreadings, beautiful mistakes,
exaggerated reactions, petty misunderstandings, wrongful interpretations, and
differing beliefs.
Through the years, in bouts of intense emotions, I would watch movies, read
novels, and write. While writing, I listened to songs that would fuel my feelings.
Reading through this randomness now makes me laugh at how dramatic I can get,
teary-eyed remembering the pain and what-ifs, and relieved that I got out of unsuitable
situations in one piece! I remember the people involved � The man, and the poor friends
who endured listening for hours (even years!) on how I can fall too fast and feel too much.
As you read through the pages, I hope you also get to remember --- A person, a
feeling, a situation. Just remember, good or bad, you�ve experienced them and has
made you who you are today.�

Musings of a Restless Heart

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