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In a summer of 1994, five very distinct friends decided to have a short getaway after having the lowest moments of their life. Upon travelling to their destination, their thoughts were somehow occupied somewhere else. Quill Daniels, who is seemingly the toughest member of the group, pondered how he would relay his judgment to his foster parents� that he despise the fact of them being in control of his life. Natalie Jane Thatcher, the person who holds the group together; also Quill�s love interest, reminisced the time she spent with her late grandfather�the person who for her, only mattered. Claire Hewitt, the most spirited individual in the group struggled to find contentment as her subconscious continued to remind of her parents� divorce. Red Levi Jameson, the friend who brings jest whenever needed sinks in contemplation whether is life does means something for him or for everybody. Finally, Noah James Hill, the sharpest of them all couldn�t help but hope that the trip would not go in vain.
        The minute they arrived at Natalie�s family retreat house, they felt a sense of peace and relief�that maybe somehow, they could find a solution for the current issues that they were facing. Regardless of how much the rest were enjoying their time, Claire can�t shrug her intuition that something unfortunate will happen.  
        As dawn turned into dusk in their very first day, untold secrets, hidden resentments, and brutal deaths began to unfold. The group of friends and the retreat house caretakers fought their way to live for another day as the unknown villain lurks in the shadows to kill them one by one. As time passed and the number of deaths escalated, they realized that they were not only dealing with a regular person, but beings much powerful that they could ever imagined. Little did they know, that the true evil lies within the person who they trust the most.


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  • Kathleen Ann Tia
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