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In a Mumbai dance club, Arjun?s son Abhimanyu is pleading for peace with Duryodhan?s son Laxman. Suddenly, he stops and looks around. Then, smiling at his uncle Karna, Abhimanyu stabs himself in the chest with a syringe. In front of a shocked crowd, the heir to the country's richest business empire dies in agony! Arjun is convinced Laxman and Duryodhan are responsible for the tragedy. Full of sorrow and burning with rage, he vows to kill every member of Duryodhan?s clan. What follows is brutality of epic proportions. Laxman is nearly beaten to death, Bhim?s son Ghatotkach is shot, Shakuni is grievously injured, Drona barely escapes assassination, Draupadi is attacked in her house, Arjun?s office is blown to smithereens, and Karna?s acid-dissolved body is found in his bungalow. Angered by the appalling violence, the public break out in mass protests. Riots erupt all over, the police are deployed, and bloody clashes ensue. Vigilantes loot and burn, while SWAT teams mercilessly attack protestors. As the city burns, there remains only one hope of deliverance -   - the dynamic investigators Radha and Krishna. Battling personal demons, lethal enemies, and political pressures, the duo race against time to put an end to the war between the Pandavas and Kauravas by relentlessly pursuing the truth behind Abhimanyu's death. But will the truth, if they find it,  be enough to avert the impending disaster??

Mahabharata 2022

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  • Paperback

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