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The book�s fundamental premise is that �truth must be conveyed.� The lies must be put to an end. Furthermore, forgiveness is the most effective means of achieving peace. Allow yourself to lose your pride in order to live a calm life.
Kissing the Sorrow depicts Zhyryll Kyth Zate�s struggle to overcome the challenges she has faced for a long period. She is determined to avenge his father�s death since she finds it difficult to comprehend that she met her biological father in such a short period of time.
She went to the location where everything transpired at one once. From her father�s memories to the person she loves the most. Despite her feelings for Casius Ian Salazar, she never forgets why she came to the location.
As time passes, Zhyryll�s affections for Cian grow stronger. Behind every wonderful moment they have, there is always a bad moment they have had, and this is what makes them strong.

Kissing the Sorrow

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