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A story wherein Nadia Oaklynn Sarmiento, is a good girl on the outside but a bad bitch on the inside. She's a bitch to everyone but Aidan. The man she was destined to marry one day. A telling of a tale wherein Aidan Knoxx Morales, is the nerd good guy who will do everything for the girl he loves, despite all her bitchiness. But what if something happens and the tables turn? What if the bad bitch becomes the good one? And the good boy becomes bad? What if she needs to decide on something that will compromise their relationship and she needs to leave him? What if the heart gets tired of loving? What if one becomes impatient with waiting? And after years of being apart, will they ever find their peace? Will love demand to be felt between the two Jaded Hearts?

Jaded Hearts

  • Miss M.J Philipps
  • All items are non returnable and non refundable
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