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LOVE fuels our souls to stay alive. It is a powerful force vested on Earth that inhabits humankind in its existence. At times, this love that should navigate us towards living a harmonious and fulfilled life flung us into the dimmest place we don't envision we can visit. 
As humans, we are powerless to manipulate our fate. There are areas in life that we have no control over. As we sincerely desire to fetch something, the higher the chance it will flee. Rather than governing things around us, we should appreciate the process and reflect on what will be, will, and what is not, will not.
Clever is an achiever learner who is part of the third-gender community. He is a proud gay and aspires to be entirely adored by a man aside from his family and friends. Lance is the man who will let Clever feel all kinds of affection: open, eager, thrilled, fulfilled, and scared. Their paths collide, and Clever�s life is entirely altered.

It's My Choice

SKU: 9789356977938
  • Edrian Diaz
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