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Artists want one thing: catharsis. The characters in the following eight stories will go to great lengths to find boundless inspiration, and the more complicated those means get, the bloodier.  It starts with a man called Il Migliore del Mondo, the best in the world at painting portraits for the deity Santa Muerte, whom he is cursed to serve. The story is followed by Painter of Dead Girls, about an artist so inspired by sadism, he puts together a plan to showcase his paintings at the heels of a series of brutal murders. The collection ends with Morbid Destitution of Covenant, a quirky title for a chess match novelette, featuring an ensemble cast of law enforcers and clinicians, all intent on proving that one man in custody is the killer in a series of brutal killings. The stories included in this collection will keep you on the edge of your seat and guessing until the thrilling climax.

Il Migliore Del Mondo & Other Stories

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  • Paperback

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