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Rosalyn Alice Claire a shy girl who has lived her whole life as a pack slave in the Blood Hound Pack. She has been through a lot, the only hope that keeps her alive is finding her mate someday and he may rescue her. But this hope gets crashed when the Blood Hound Pack?s young alpha returns home after the training camp and rejects her. Her whole life comes crashing down. What happens next? Will she find love or will she end her life for better? Damon Jace Roberts is the cruellest and the most dangerous Alpha King you will find in the world. He is a stonehearted man with a dark history. Though having a background as dark as night he is a best alpha the Blue Moon Pack also the royal pack has. It?s the strongest pack in the world. He is a wise leader and a true Alpha. He is the epitome of Justice. What if fate has decided to cross his path with a girl that destroys the peace and balance in his life? Will he accept her? or will his dark past stand between him and his one true love?

His Forever

SKU: AG03001
₱612.00 Regular Price
₱599.76Sale Price
  • Paperback

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