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Love is an ambiguous state. It is complicated and is not easy to dealt with.
Emerson, a whole man but a full woman at heart is a successful fashion designer and a businesswoman, who fell in love with Ryan Thor who has a child with his former girlfriend. Will he accept him and take the risk?
Martin, a very promising young politician, who is hardly freeing himself from a painful break-up with his long-time girlfriend named Chiara. He then fell in love with another the woman, but Chiara is returning and begging to give their relationship another chance. Who will he choose to be with? 
Erika, a fresh graduate, and an event organizer who has a long-time best friend named Miko, but, unfortunately, their friendships ended when she met Alfred, her current boyfriend. Later on, they met. Will their friendships be brought back and step into a higher level of love and affection?
Lia, a woman but a whole-hearted man, and an Engineer by profession, who is searching for forgiveness for what she has done to her best friend Zia, whom she secretly loves with her whole heart. Will she be forgiven and be given a chance to be with Zia again?
Will they find the answers they are looking for? Or will they just find another way for another kind of love? Or, will they fall in love again, or, be a fool in love, still?

Fall in love? or a 'Fool' in love?

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  • Joseph Encinares

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