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What happens when we unconsciously take to an extreme an idea, a thought or an emotion? Sometimes, before being termed an obsession, such extremes actually shape our lives. Indeed, behind every story, there is an extreme! In this collection of six short stories, such extremes of the human psyche impact a panic-stricken wife, a bored small-town professor, an amorous would-be adulterer, a dissatisfied village bride, a charming princess and a murderess with unusual motivations. Why did Su panic at the sight of a dog? Why did the talented Prof. Shukla hide himself in a small-town college? Can a hankering for perfection interfere with the laws of attraction? What lay behind Binni-Ma?s half-burnt face? What became of the pleasant princess? What was the mystery of Anmola? Who knows, these slice-of-life tales may resonate with you...


SKU: SK22001
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  • Deepti Sharma
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