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I had no specific topic in my mind when I started writing this book. Each time the 'hat (my brain) initiated its magic, it brought out something new, just like a magician's hat. This book is a collection of random stories which bear no connection with each other. Some are a creation of my weird imagination while others are random thoughts and precious memories. It also comprises some stories from my life. It has something for everyone-from adventure to thriller to horror to everyday life situations- sometimes involving confused thoughts, motivational articles and essays, and some of my childhood stories from the 80s. The 'Ensemble' is my first attempt at creating an anthology and compiling different stories in a single book. It is an attempt to cook a perfect magic potion through various stories by mixing different emotional ingredients. Just say abracadabra and teleport into a world full of stories. See you on the other side!


SKU: SP16021
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  • Paperback

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