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Xylus Miguel Madrid is a AB POLSCI student of University of Santo Tomas, he is an active server at Saint John Mary Vianney parish, one day a group of Seminarian came to their parish for a 1 week apostolate. He fell inlove with  Seminarian Lucas that gaves him a lot of mixed signals and then left him behind after a couple of days. In the other hand Lucas is a 19 years old Seminarian, he was just 19 when they visited Saint John Mary Vianney — the parish of Xylus. Together with his co-seminarian, they visited more than 10 houses for their apostolate. He is a quite person, he doesn’t like persistent people, that’s why he got turned off at Xylus. Xylus was diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) that affects him a lot mentally and emotionally. He wants to move on that’s why he planned to go to Albay after a couple of days Xylus and his parents visited their lovely house on Albay and there he saw a photo of him and his childhood bestfriend Sean. Who’s Sean in Xylus’ life?

Dear Brother Lucas

  • John Benedict N. Banday
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