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"This collection of prose and poetry is three years in the making. It is a book of sorrows, high hopes, good and bad days, and memories—either to be forgotten or remembered. This is a journey of life and its bittersweet misadventures—shards turned into art.  

Confessions that were whispered or held within the most bottomless abyss of one’s heart and soul; it is a book that explores the corners of one’s mind where darkness often finds its comfort. A life of solitude, disconnection, poetry, books, literature, and imaginary worlds created as  haven—to temporarily escape this world and all that comes with it.  

When you read this book, I hope you will think that what you hold is a life—living, beating, moving, and having dreams. Hold it gently; thread it slowly and carefully. Sink into the words, thoughts, and experiences. And when sundown commences, you will realize that after all you have been through, life is still worth living."

Confessions: a journey through abysmal depths

SKU: 9789357140324
  • Benj Gabun Sumabat
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