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The tranquility of the tides is shattered by the discovery of meeting her ex-boyfriend again, after disappearing without a trace. With Nasudi running across to Zandro, and the truth she kept hidden for so long, she?d been overthrown on the game of love, where she is entrap to resist Zandro?s pursuit, and his kisses all over again. With their past both hunting them down, are they ready to conquer where they left on or be redeemed by the bittersweet love that ruined them before? Can his love conquer her hate? Can their bond healed the wounds left to scarred on Nasudi, and the truth she hold dearly that made her hated him more?  Thus, how can she live in love, when she know that everything she hold dear must end?  ?Even if you hate me now?? Patuloy nito. ??Hinding-hinding magbabago ang nararamdaman ko sayo ni minsan. Mahal kita, Nasudi Alvarado Santaria, and I?ll be forever into the love you had made me realize before.? ? Zandrius

Coastal Waves

₱408.00 Regular Price
₱399.84Sale Price
  • DoctorSanctum
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