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Zayn Parker, unlike his mom, Jess, isn?t invisible, just feels invisible.


With low grades that make him look like nothing compared to his sisters, mediocre baseball skills and not acting like his true self at school. Only acting like himself in front of his best friend, Macy Fergensen, who had feelings for him since they were kids that he fails to see, does Zayn truly feel alone.  It isn?t until the popular girl, Michelle Aprils, takes notice of him after his first home run, that he finally feels seen.


Nothing in life, especially high school is ever that easy as something happens at a party at Michelle?s that changes how Zayn views Macy.  But also changes her perception of him due to how he treats her and a huge secret that finally comes out.


When Zayn truly evaluates his relationship with Michelle and decides to go for Macy, she distances herself from him and gets close with his cousin, the sweet and charming  J. P Trent. This forces Zayn to befriend the sassy, lost girl, who eats her lunch on the floor by the cafeteria doors, Lex Fisher.


Will Zayn and Macy find their way back to each other, or just like Zayn?s home run, will the unexpected happen? 

Boy by the Plate

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  • Paperback

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