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Due to the difference in opinion, as described in ?Borderless Friendship: The Beginning?, the relationship between the two friends enters an unexpected and unconfirmed isolation. During this phase, Fizzy experiences gamut of emotions and begins to reassess and rediscover the person ? through recall of past events; spoken and written words only to realise how unfair she had been with her old friend. 

Yet, her adamant nature and failure to take a stand against the unjust treatment only to appease her coterie restricted her in taking any reconciliatory steps, which was not only affecting her eleven-year camaraderie but was also proving disadvantageous to her other friends, who refused to act as per conventional and societal norms.

Does friendship between two people dependent upon validation from others? Is avoiding conflicting situations between people the real cause of trouble? Are people?s views more important than one?s own self-assessment?

This second volume not only answers these questions but also describes how making assumptions, even with a good intention, without speaking with each other can make situations confounded.

Borderless Friendship The Revelation

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  • Paperback

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