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Sixteen-year-old Valentine Roberts is a troubled teenager in Minneapolis, Minnesota who could not move on from her past due to the mysterious death of her mother. As a way to escape reality, she begins to mingle with Alex Peterson, a football athlete, and Stephanie Bailey, a daughter of a renowned scientist. Driven by curiosity and to amuse themselves, they decides to sneak in to the most powerful science industry in America where Stephanie�s father spends most of his time. 
Upon reaching the fifth floor, they see innumerable animals that are used as test subjects, countless form of liquid substances, and other things that are sure quite common and boring for the three teenagers. As Valentine scans one of the rooms further, she realizes that in the farthest corner was a boy, not older than her herself, trap inside a round glass capsule or bubble as she would always say. The chemistry begins when Valentine has to create the �perfect story� for her report. Both begin to share their intricate stories and welcome the idea of freedom like a queer acquaintance. Together, they learn many unforeseen truths about their past and struggles to handle many challenges along the way.

Beyond the Bubble

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  • Kathleen Ann Tia
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