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Mysterious deaths terrorize a tropical, coastal town one cloudless night. Charred, crumbling corpses, phantomlike apparitions, thunder and lightning that seemingly comes from nowhere, and a bloodied body of a woman have led police to believe the criminal is not human. Even the Heavens are shaken by these events, and new trouble is brewing within the halls of Dis, the great citadel of hell. In the midst of these events, three individuals are thrust into a celestial conflict involving angels, fallen ones, demons, and humans: Elenei, a Principality of the Heavens sent to Earth to pursue a murderer from hell; Adrian, a basketball varsity hooligan whose lover�s death makes him question his purpose; and Nate, a college student who will not think twice to get into a brawl to protect his friends. But when a divine mishap threatens the salvation of human souls, how will these three manage an uneasy alliance and face an impending infernal threat that can potentially defeat the angels for good?


SKU: 9789356972612
  • Gelend Talahuron
  • All items are non returnable and non refundable
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